Let Girls Learn Initiative (LGLI) Kenya Call for Volunteers

Let Girls Learn Initiative (LGLI) is a feminist non-governmental organization registered in Kenya. We work to enhance adolescent girls and young women’s access to quality education by addressing their sexual and reproductive health needs, gender inequality, poverty, discrimination as well as and socio-cultural norms impede girls and young women from access to education.

LGLI is looking for passionate and visionary girl and youth leaders to volunteer in forging forward its vision for a just world for girls and young women, by empowering adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) to achieve their full potential. LGLI believes that investing in girls and young women, particularly from rural and disadvantaged communities, yields multiple benefits for families, communities, and countries. We believe that this approach has a transformative ability to reform societies which in turn allows girls and young women to thrive.

This volunteer opportunity will run for 3 months and offers both physical engagement (Kisumu, Nakuru and Nairobi-Kenya residents) and virtual engagement (globally).
Main purpose is to drive the Girl-led activism and advocacy offer an engaging platform for girl and youth leaders to interact, share and learn, brainstorm and be part of making a difference toward United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4&5: Quality Education and Gender Equality.
The volunteers will receive a certificate of participation, a letter of recommendation and recognition of their time with LGLI after the 3 months among other opportunities to advance girls’ rights.

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